Tarkov Weekly #003

The first piece of news is this device tweeted by the developers. It looks like an IR scope that can be connected to your weapon's scope so you can peek around corners without exposing yourself.

And it appears to be the Ratnik IR device presented in this clip. However I hope the device will not be Team Fortress 2 nerfed like the ReapIR scope. Because this device is supposed to have 1.2 kilometers range and far more than 10 fps.

Or It could also be the PN21K device.

Speaking of the ReapIR, it was nerfed for no apparent reason other than player "OP fears" and this is a dangerous trend, weapons in tarkov being "balanced" by use of their specifications. That should never happen in a game like Tarkov. The device should be as close as possible to real life, and only availability should be a balancing mechanism. Because the developers promised us "maximum possible realism". So, either give us the weapons and items with all their realistic flaws and advanta…

Survey March 2018

Wird geladen...

Tarkov Weekly #002

Let's start with the netcode not yet working as intended. In the clip linked below you can see the game still has issues with people getting hit in the head and walking away if the shooter dies faster.Player surviving headshot

The problem appears to be most visible when fast-firing weapons are involved. Especially if the shooter dies quickly after firing, the shots appear not to count. (The client still sees the impacts instantly, because of client side prediction, however this is not the same is happening on the server.)

We hacked a security camera in the BSG netcode programming office.

 Loot Economy

Statement by PR
This is an interesting outlook for the game, because requiring barter items instead of cash to buy things will push players towards interacting with the game world more beyond shooting players and scavs. It rewards players taking time and risk to search for barter items.This explains the vast amount of barter items with no apparent ingame effect beyond being a …

Market Watch

Updated 19.3.2018Every point = 14:00 CET, 24h interval



Tarkov Weekly #001

The great 0.7.4 glock patch. It comes with a new trader screen full of glock parts and the pistol itself which costs 244 € currently, which is the equivalent of 26018 roubles. It actually had a price tag of 320-350 € but that was quickly argued against on reddit, because for reasons hidden in prophet nikita's beard, everything apparently has to be cheaper than an AK74 to keep the mythical hatchet ninja hordes away.

Glock sales representative posing as a mechanic in Tarkov 

For me however, the best part of the patch was the 50-round drum magazine for the MP5.

One of the more tragic options is a new pistol grip for the AS VAL for mounting M4 stocks on it, if defiling AK74 with M4 parts is not enough.

Even Aimpoints fit on glocks.

NSPU-M The NSPU-M night vision scope for AK weapons costs 18000 roubles and is a very low cost way to equip yourself with night vision capability. It has  ~3x magnification and fits on any dovetail mount, especially on the AKS-74UN. This makes it 10x times ch…

Tarkov is on easy street

Tarkov is on easy street

Tarkov is too easy. Which is not a good thing because it is supposed to be a hardcore game. A cascade of reasons is contributing to this.

The pouch
The pouch ruins the economy of the game because it promotes smash and grab play. Run to a loot spot, put it in the pouch and it is safe. Fighting your way out of the map is not required anymore. And there is no cost to it.
There are several ways to fix it:

Make hatchets cost money.Allow pouch to stash transfer only when the player survives the raidRemove the pouch

At least to me it was evident that this would keep haunting the game for a long time. It was instantly clear for me that it would destroy the economy by inflating the value of money. It also removes the need to interact with the game world beyond killing players. Because why risk time and gear looting when you can pick up a dogtag worth on average half a gold watch?

Cheap guns
An AK74 costs 33k. Still players demand cheaper glocks and cheaper sm…