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pre-0.5 patch statistics (click to enlarge)


The latest patch brought a massive buff to 12x70. The raw damage is increased by 18.75%, which equals 190 damage point blank if all pellets hit. But on top of that, the damage falloff was reduced significantly. The weapon only loses 3.16% of damage at 20 meters. For comparison: In the previous patch it would lose 20% at this distance.

Another interesting fact is that ~70 damage to the chest is needed to one-shot a player with a chest hit. which is not more than 3 pellets at practical shotgun ranges.


All data was tested with a 750mm barrel. The longer the barrel, the tigher the spread and the higher the potential damage per bodypart. Therefore a longer barrel increases the lethal range of the shotgun.
A shorter barrel decreases the chance of lethal hits and distributes more damage across the target.

The spread also affects accuracy. Tight spreads make it easier to miss close range. A shorter barrel trades one shot capability for higher chance of hitting.

Many players report that the weapon was nerfed however from the data we measured, the apparent problems with the weapon come from:

  1. Desync
  2. Target being hit has its arms up, shielding the chest from some pellets


  1. Man, amazing work you're doing for the community. Well done.


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