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In-Depth 0.8 Ammo Preview

As a Tarkov player, whether you want to remove stroganoff or remove hamburgers, the leading question is always what ammo to use. Our scientists  have examined the newest 0.8 data released by the developers.

(btw our sheets are updated with that data)

9x18 Let's go through this for each caliber. First we examine the 9x18 cartridge.
The changes are minimal, only the BZT round has a lowered base damage (-9) and the 9P has damage increase (+9). The penetration values remain unchanged. If the armor resistance levels remain the same as before 0.8 then no single 9x18 can penetrate class 2 armor.

9x19 The PST round gets a (+2) bump in penetration which might move its capability near class 3 penetration at close ranges. Base damage increased for PSO (+4) and CCI (+3).
(pre 0.8 armor resistance at 50 meters)
9x21 Penetration value changes for SP10 (+3), SP12 (-3), SP13 (+5). Base damage changes for SP10 (-1), SP12 (+4), SP13 (-4). Armor piercing types are moved firmly above class 3 resist…